A Blood Vessel is a Blood Vessel

According to his recent blog, Dr. Alvin Lin suggests a correlation between blood vessel activity in one part of the body with blood vessels in another body part. After a study released information suggesting that erectile dysfunction to future heart disease, there was further analysis of a different study that suggests coronary artery calcification can […]

Terminal Delirium

Failure to thrive is a common term in any type of environment, but when terminal illnesses are involved, in can take on something more, like depression and delirium. It’s important to figure out what is leading patients to terminal delirium, as it could stem from a number of things, including medication side effects, dehydration, unfamiliar […]

ACR/ARHP 2012 Meeting

This past November, Clinical Geriatrics attended the American College or Rheumatology/Association of Rheumatology Health Professionals 2012 Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. Many studies were presented at this year’s conference and we’ve highlighted a few for you in this month’s issue. In one study, authors introduced trials suggesting that prednisone may improve rheumatoid arthritis-related fatigue. This […]

Love Thy Neighbor, Love Thy Patient

Each month our editor-in-cheif, Steven R. Gambert, MD, AGSF, MACP, provides us with his perspective on relevant medical news. Because February is American Heart Month, he wisely chose to address us on the issue of cardiovascular health. The increase in risk for cardiovascular disease that accompanies an increase in age is almost terrifying, which is […]

Diagnose This Man’s Dry, Scaly Skin

A 71-year-old man presented to the office because of dry skin. He said that since he was a child, he always had flaky, dry skin that covered almost his entire body. Although he had been prescribed many types of lotions and ointments during his lifetime, none relieved nor worsened his dry skin. The patient reported no […]

Diagnosing a Scaly Rash Under an Elderly Woman’s Breasts

A 68-year-old woman presented with a 6-week history of a persistent rash that had appeared simultaneously beneath both breasts. She described the rash as feeling moderately itchy and stated that it had not spread beyond the submammary folds. She had a history of type 2 diabetes and hypertension, for which she was taking metformin and lisinopril, […]

Intracranial Calcification

Familial idiopathic basal ganglia calcification (FIBGC) is a rare neurodegenerative disease that presents with an array of neuropsychiatric disturbances and movement disorders. Adolescents and young adults are most commonly affected, with symptom onset typically in the third to fifth decade of life; however, there have been some cases reported in older adults. The syndrome is […]