Terminal Delirium

Failure to thrive is a common term in any type of environment, but when terminal illnesses are involved, in can take on something more, like depression and delirium. It’s important to figure out what is leading patients to terminal delirium, as it could stem from a number of things, including medication side effects, dehydration, unfamiliar environments, and lack of sleep. As a physician, it’s important to focus on the mental and physical impairments, as well as malnutrition, that may be increasing the feeling of a failure to thrive. As Alex Smith of GeriPal points out in his recent blog post, it’s important to catch and perhaps treat the causes of terminal delirium, as it can only be truly labeled as terminal if the proper actions are not taken and the patient dies. For the full blog and tips on treating conditions of terminal delirium, click here >>


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