The March Issue is Now Live: Care Coordination, Alternative Medicine, and More

In this month’s issue, look for the next article in our continuing pain in older adults series titled, “Nonpharmacologic, Complementary, and Alternative Interventions for Managing Chronic Pain in Older Adults.” In this article, Drs. Hashefi and Katz explore the evidence supporting the use of exercise, specifically tai chi and yoga, cognitive-behavioral therapies, and acupunctural modalities […]

Coming soon in Clinical Geriatrics

Look for these and many more features and case reports in Clinical Geriatrics: Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in the Elderly: Risk Factors and Treatment CG previously covered PTSD in the elderly, with regard to the effects of traumatic terrorist events here>> Four Strategies for Managing Opioid-Induced Side Effects CG previously covered opioids with abuse-deterrent properties here>> […]

A Blood Vessel is a Blood Vessel

According to his recent blog, Dr. Alvin Lin suggests a correlation between blood vessel activity in one part of the body with blood vessels in another body part. After a study released information suggesting that erectile dysfunction to future heart disease, there was further analysis of a different study that suggests coronary artery calcification can […]

Terminal Delirium

Failure to thrive is a common term in any type of environment, but when terminal illnesses are involved, in can take on something more, like depression and delirium. It’s important to figure out what is leading patients to terminal delirium, as it could stem from a number of things, including medication side effects, dehydration, unfamiliar […]