Geriatric Care of the Future

2012 brought a lot of new changes to the world of geriatric care and 2014 is going to require a lot of new changes of its own, so where does that leave 2013? In a recent article, Dr. Richard Stefanacci summarizes what 2012 and 2014 mean for 2013. Medicare and Medicaid played a very big role not only in 2012, but in the previous US election as well. Expansions and rulings in 2012 require health insurance mandates to take place in 2014. Funding passed in 2012 increase the incentives to use EHR technology and for doctors to be held more accountable for their patients. Visit us at Clinical Geriatrics to read Dr. Stefanacci’s full article, “Moving into 2013: Major Issues Facing Geriatric Care Providers” and learn what has to happen in 2013 to prepare for the transition from rulings made in 2012 to be turned into action in 2014.


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