Bradycardia in a Fit, Elderly Man

Bradycardia is when a patient presents with a resting heart rate under 60 beats per minute, which may lead to fainting, shortness of breath, and cardiac arrest in severe cases. In the following case, an 82-year-old man was admitted to the hospital after falling from his bicycle. After 12 hours of observation, it was noted that his speech became garbled and he could no longer grasp items with his right hand. With a heart rate of 51 beats per minute, a diagnosis of bradycardia was made, however, the cause was not clear. After the patient’s history was reviewed, it was revealed that he may have been taking sildenafil citrate, a drug who has the rare adverse effect of bradycardia. This is a rare case of bradycardia. In most older patients, bradycardia can be very severe and lead to the worsening of other illnesses. For more information, visit Clinical Geriatrics


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