Bilateral Flank Pain

Bilateral flank pain is a discomforting sensation on both sides of the body in the area between the hip and last rib. Some of the main causes of flank pain include problems in the kidneys, an abdominal aortic aneurysm, back ailments, pyelonephritis, and gastrointestinal disorders. Besides pain in the flank region, other symptoms of flank pain include abdominal pain, fever, muscular tenderness, nausea, pain while passing urine, pink or red urine, and vomiting. If you are diagnosed with flank pain, the treatment usually includes hydration, analgesics, and antibiotics. To help prevent flank pain, a healthy lifestyle is recommended. This includes a daily intake of healthy foods, drinking enough fluid to keep the body hydrated, and regular exercise. For more information about Bilateral Flank Pain and to put your diagnostic skills to the test, check out our PhotoDx, Bilateral Flank Pain in an Older Adult.


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